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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Raya 2016 Tragedy

11:51 PM


Throwback after Raya 2016 (which basically means this year), on my way back to Miri from Kuching. My baby were so unfortunate to seal his fate like this. 

*noted that when I said my baby it means my red car 😬

Yes. I was alone at that time so no harming anybody else. Usually my niece or nephew, cousins or friends will accompany me doesn't matter from Kch to Miri to Kch or vice versa but this time I was alone. So, lucky also eh? If not somebody else will be traumatized other than myself. 

It become a self accident after I try to avoid another car coming from front whose cutting the double line during the corner also. Maybe it was my fault as well as I get surprised and hit the brakes but unfortunately the breaks didn't work and I sway my car to the side and try to use handbrake but to no avail the car didn't stop. It just skid and can't be turn anymore as if like the tyre was lock. Lucky for me that I was not aiming for the cliff during my nervous time and just ram to the beam on the road side. Crush to the some fencing and hit rock bottom. Literally. Rock. The rock is under my car which makes it impossible for me to move it by myself. 

But hey. We're living in Sarawak where we have so many good person. There's one lorry and one hilux who stop by but unfortunately they can't tow my car out from the side cause it really got stuck. 
No choice by then. There's a tow truck around and have to ask them. But. Yeaaa. U know how much they cause right? I just have to do it. No other choice for me at that time. 

Lucky for me also that it didnt hit the radiator so the car still can start and go. Its just some cover under the car is gone, bumper is finish and the skirting was 😭😭😭 its too sad for me too look at. 
The rim also got spoil because of it. But i I've change it already cause car is one my necessity here. Bumper and skirting still haven't fix. Its too expensive!!  But so syg the original rim *sad face* 

I just close my eyes that time and pray that my car can still drive until i reach Miri which It eventually did eventhough i arrive really really late than expected. Thank God that I still breathing here and now. Its just that sometimes now my arm will sometimes hurt maybe cause of the impact and my chest too. Other than that. I'm a ok. 

P/s did u know that last Raya 2015 my other car, Kenari was in an accident too? 
Its been two years in a row. Hmmm. 

P/s/s i still have that trauma with driving now especially when somebody suddenly overtake. Or drive way too fast 

Thank you to those who stop and help. And thanks also to those who look at me like I'm going to rob u. Ok. No offense taken with so many things happen nowadays but I just feel so sad by the road side when nobody helping me at 1st. Haha ok. Then. Have a good night.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016

2:09 PM

Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to fellow bloggers and readers. Semoga tahun ini mendatangkan lebih keberkatan kepada kita semua dan semoga bertemu Ramadhan yang akan datang. 

I'll be driving back to my hometown tomorrow which approximately will be around 14 hours. Estimated time arrival around 2/3am on the first day of raya cause I still don't know what time I will be departed from here. 

Pray for my safety and others who are on the road as well. 

Semoga semuanya selamat sampai ke kampung halaman. 

Road trip tomorrow~~ wwuhuuuuuu ~~ my favorite part of going back everytime 

Till next time,
Ztie Shr

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


9:06 AM
After another good outing this year, Miri Country Music Fest is heading towards
being bigger next year. The festival will be held for two days next year and this is
to accommodate the request from festival goers.

Since introducing the festival in 2014, Planet Conventions and Events Sdn Bhd
had been organizing the event for one day. However, as the festival entered into
it’s forth year, Miri Country Music Fest will be held for two days from February 25
to 26 next year.

The decision was because of the overwhelming respond this year. The festival
which was held on February 27 this year recorded a total of 2,740 festival goers,
an increased of 30 per cent as compared to last year. Last year’s crowd was at
2,100. Next year Planet Conventions and Events is targeting to attract more than
3,500 festival goers to the event.

Left to Right : Mr. Andrew, GM of Parkcity Everly Hotel, YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Letitia Samuel of Planets & Angelina Bateman of Sarawak Tourism Board (Credit Photo to Pei)

The venue will remain at Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri, which is also the official hotel
and the main sponsor for the event.

To cater for the two days and increasing festival goers number, the organizer will
also be bringing in more international bands to entertain the crowd. Among
those already short listed include from USA, Australia, Germany, Indonesia and
Brunei Darussalam. There will also be more local Malaysian bands taking the
centre stage as well.

The festival concept also remain as in previous years, starting with the festival

bazaar and followed with music workshop before the concert begin in the
eveningOn Sunday, the concert will begin earlier so that the finale can end
earlier as well. This is in consideration for the festival goers who have to work
the next day.

Planet Conventions and Events is also planning to include more activities in the

program to further enhance the festival goers’ experience at the event. This will
include more stalls offering wide variety of food and beverages, arts and crafts, apparels and souvenirs and to organize competitions like burger eating contest,
arm wrestling and many more.

There is also plan to hold a Sunday-cook- out session on the second day of the

festival, to encourage more visitors especially those with young children to spend
the afternoon at the festival.

Next year’s event will have something for everyone, be they country music fans
or anyone wanting to chill out with family and friends.

Tickets to the festival are now available online at www.miricountrymusic.com 

Tickets for Adult:
RM80 for one day
RM150 for two days

Tickets For children between three to 12 years old:
RM40 for one day
RM70 for two days

**All the tickets include one drink.

At the moment Planet Conventions and Events is offering the Big Bang Sale and

the tickets are priced as follows:

Tickets During the Big Bang Sale
RM55 per day 
RM100 for two days
RM35 and RM60 respectively for a child

Come fast and check it out as The Big Bang Sale will last until September 31. After that date the ticket will be on sale at normal price. 

The forth edition of Miri Country Music Fest is endorsed by Miri City Council and supported by Sarawak Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Arts
Sarawak and Malaysia Conventiona and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB). Rentak
Sejuta is the online media partner.

For more detail on the festival, either logon to www.miricountrymusic.com

Email:  info@placeborneo.com 
Phone number:  +6082 250400.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jom Berbuka Puasa @ Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

1:03 AM
Salam Ramadhan~

Today is the 5th day of Ramadhan where all Muslim (especially adult) are obliged to fulfill their task of not eating and drinking during daytime for this whole month. Well, it is compulsory to all adult except those who are suffering from illness, elderly, pregnant ladies especially those who still breastfeeding and other matters that not allowing them to fast. It is a period of reflection, devotion, sacrifice by Muslims all around the world.

Why is it known as a nature time of sacrifise?
Try to look around you, through fasting, a Muslim experiences hunger and thirst, and somehow will make they sympathizes with those who have little to eat everyday. It makes people feels closer to their Creator and know that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him. And through out all this, people will develop feelings of generosity and good-will towards each other and so that they may learn self restraint.

The Prophet Muhammad once said, "A man's wealth is never diminished by charity"

Hence, what makes my topic of the blog today, Ramadhan, Charity, Generosity. Good-will.

Received an invitation through Sarawak Bloggers to iftar at one of the best Hotel,
Miri Marriott Resort & Spa that set along the South China Seafront.
Marriott is organizing break fast with the orphans from Rumah Amal Anak Kesayangan Kami along with the Corporate Clients and teams.

Marc Cosyns, General Manager of Miri Marriott said,

“This is an effort to showcase Miri Marriott as an innovative player in the hospitality

industry which is willing to spread cheer and joy to the less fortunate, at the same time ,

as a way to inculcate spirit to serve the community among the Miri Marriott personnel”

Some of the photographers in front ^_^

 So, today, me 3 other Sarawak Bloggers, Pei, Judith and Eileen that I just met yesterday were delightful to accept this invitations to break fast at Zest, Marriott Resort & Spa, Miri.

From Right, Eileen, Pei, Judith, Ms Chu (MarCom Asst Manager), and Mr Marc Cosnys (The GM)

The Ramadhan buffer is priced at RM88++ for adult and half price for children age 5 to 11 years.
Plus they have this amazing promotion that offers
a) every 20 paying diners, 5 diners for free for the first week of Ramadhan at Zest.
b) Every 12 paying diners, 2 diners for free for the following weeks.

and, not only that, Marriott in collaboration with CIMB Bank RM1.00 Dining Campaign, the 4th diner only pays RM1.00 with minimum of 3 paying diners in a single receipt (both credit and debit card are accepted)

Nice right? Imagine to only pay RM1.00 and enjoy all those scrumptious spread of Ramadhan delights at Zest Restaurant throughout the month of Ramadhan from 6.00pm to 10.00pm with a 6 days menu rotation.

Enough with my rambling. How about some visual to haunt your Ramadhan month? hehe

What's on my plate? I've tried the Lamb Ose, basically its something like urmm, briyani rice with a shredded/slices lamb and veges. Its really nice but I will still go for the chicken and meat satay. IT was the best (for me at least). The ketupat and the gravy was urghh. There's no words for it. You have to be there to experience it. Its just to die for (I realize I keep repeating this in my IG haha)

Desserts that I've try is the Chocolate Mousse with Macaroons, marble cheese cake, chocolate cake, a slice of (OMG I forgot what they called that. SOrry!) and another few more macaroons. They have like a tons in a jar. Whoever is into sweets, you have come to the right place. If only I can just bring all the macaroons home. haha

and then I try the sweet banana porridge. (its the name I've given. not the one officially settle by Marriott) haha its so nice. I just can eat more but I have to keep the space for others. What others?
Scroll down to see more pictures of foods~~

Preparing the Shawarma

The kids waiting for breaking fast

Lamb Ose

Satay Area

Waiting for cotton candy~accompany by the F&B Manager

Hello to Ms Chu

Loves how they decorate the walls. I just love scribbling

 Interesting Right?
For more information on the foods and hotels or to make a reservation, feel free to contact Zest Restaurant.

Phone : 085 421 121
Email :  sales.miri@marriotthotels.com

Or you guys can follow the social media.
Instagram @miri_marriott
Twitter @mirimarriott

 Having a great time and thank you to all the staff and managers that has been working hard to make the event success. Hope to get more collaborations in the near future.

Salam Ramadhan you all. Selamat berbuka puasa. Selamat Sungke~

p/s having a pleasure to view the new room. it was wow! that will be in another entry. haha 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Midnight Rambling

12:35 AM
Its been a long time since I really, really, really type something into my blog. I mean like, things other than my work and stuff I draw. Previously, this blog is all I ever have to spit out all the things inside me. Literally, everything. People who knew me since my first posting is still one of many friends I have now. They know me before and after. Been blogging since 2009. So, more or less, 7 years and counting. 

I ever thought of closing this blog before, but since there's so many memories inside here that sometimes me myself even forget about it. I made a decision to just let it be. To just be my online diary which can be read by anybody. Well, not really a diary. Its more like my life sharing, work sharing? or just my nonsense empty rambling like, right now? lol

There is so many things that have happen to me recently. Good or bad. If life gives me lemon, I might as well make a lemonade out of it right?
 I've been trying to avoid negativity in my lifes. So, hey you. I bet you will find this one day. Just remember that whatever you have done. I will never make you forget it. You will never forget me and those things that you and your friends done.

and now its time for one last bow, like all of your other self. Eleven hour is over now, the clock is striking twelve. This is it. This is how it ends. We can't change the future. Not anymore. I'll be keeping your safe for one last victory. Allow me to do that. Thank you.

and good bye.

p/s help him dear God. Help him to get through all those things and guide him to be true to you.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zombies Illustrator

11:02 AM

 After so long that I haven't updated my blog. Can I post something today? hehe
and its been so long that I've played with Illustrator. I google things that I can try to play my hands with. Hence, here comes the zombie. Why Zombie? Cause I feel like living my life like one now as a zombie. (You know. Work Hard and No Play makes me a grumpy zombie) lol

 First, i get the sketch on to the Illustrator. In this case, I'm just using portable Illustrator CS6.
THen I start making the outline for the zombie. Creating separated layers for all.
For example, hair, head, body, arms, guts, and blood, its all in the different layers, separately.

Then after finish tracing all the outlines, select all layers and make the outlines strokes white and the colors inside black. This is to make sure that I have all the lines arrangement are correct. If not, then just adjust it backward of forward. 

Put colors in everything. Colors can be as your choosing. I just only mainly black for the strokes and inside colors  using green, black, red for guts, purple etc etc.

My end product. Not so good. hahahaha
Still need more and more and more practise.
But i'm proud cause I haven't touch Illustrator for more than 7 8 years. So, not bad hah?
 *angkat bakul sendiri*

 After adding shading and adding blur with some opacity

 p/s I really need to buy new laptop or pc to start playing with illustrator and PS again.

 To learn something like this just go to the Original Post with Tutorial. Click HERE 

or just copy and paste the link below 


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